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Video by: Preparedmind101

Knife on deck: Schrade SCHF9N

Without a close inspection, this knife could easily be mistaken as the widely popular Schrade SCHF9. BUT, this knife is actually the "little brother” of the Schrade SCHF9. Meet the Schrade SCHF9N. Though greatly similar, there are some things that differentiate the two from each other. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the SCHF9N and why anyone might want to add it to their little (or extensive) knife collection.

First, let’s talk specs. The SCHF9N is 12.1 inches long with a blade length of 6.4 inches. The blade is full tang, ¼ inch thick, made of 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel, and has a drop point style and a hollow grind. The handle is Kraton with a lanyard hole at the end. So what do these specs mean in terms of how it performs in the great outdoors? Well, let’s get started.


The material, 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel, is very tough. It’s not 1095 Carbon Steel which is my personal preference. But for a stainless steel, this one is pretty good. And because of the corrosion resistant nature of stainless steel, it will undoubtedly last way better in damp or wet environments. The blade style, thickness, and grind all mean that the SCHF9N will perform really well on most outdoor tasks.


While I much prefer a flat grind, hollow grind would probably be my second choice. This type of grind means that the blade has a sharper edge, giving it a great deal of finesse when it comes to chopping, hacking, slicing, skinning, and other types of detailed work. And because it’s made of very good steel and is reasonably thick enough, this blade is unlikely to break even under tons of abuse. Most definitely a plus.

Now, I’ve read some complaints about the knife not being razor sharp right out of the box. But, that isn’t the case with me or with Preparedmind101. As the video shows, the knife can shave off the hair on your arm even without any additional sharpening being done by the owner. Maybe some reviewers feel that this level of sharpness still isn’t good enough but I, for one, am very satisfied.


In comparison to other knives, the Kraton handles on this one could have been made better. The image above clearly shows that the tang and the handle scales don’t match very well in some places. A picky person would probably be pretty turned off by that little detail. To be fair, though, the ill-matched tang and handle scales don't make that much of a difference.

What matters is that the handle is very grippy and fits well in the hand (though some have found the scales a bit too big). The handle is also designed with finger grooves that really add to its comfort and grippiness. In short, the handle isn’t perfect but in terms of function, it does the job really well in my opinion.


While there are plenty of good things to say about the knife, the same can’t be said about the sheath. Now, when it comes to sheaths, there’s a great deal of preference that comes into play. But, in this case, it wouldn’t matter what your preference is because this one doesn’t quite meet the most essential requirement for a good one. The biggest complaint I have with it is that there’s a little bit of give inside the sheath when the knife is inserted.

It’s not as snug as most people (like me) would like. The only thing that’s ensuring that the knife stays in place is the strap that goes across the handle. If that particular snap should somehow break, there’s a chance you might lose your knife or, worse, accidentally injure yourself when it falls out of the sheath. All that being said, it’s not that big a deal since the cost of the knife is pretty low. And really, when it comes down to it, the knife is the reason for the buy. The sheath is just an added bonus.


Overall, I’d say this is one tank of a knife that can handle just about anything you’ve got. The SCHF9N has a strong, sturdy design that enables it to perform all sorts of wood processing tasks plus some detailed work. The blade is razor sharp out of the box and holds its edge very well. The handle, which some have found wanting, is very grippy so that’s still a plus. While a lot of people are ga-ga over its brother, the SCHF9, I’d say that this particular knife was tweaked in all the right places to give you a better all-around knife. Anyone who buys it will get great value, especially at this price point.

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