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A Gentleman Should Always Carry a Knife

Posted by Leighton Taylor on

“A gentleman...keeps a blade by his side.” Admit it. You’re smiling, if not outwardly, then inwardly. You’ve already taken out your mental pad and paper and are scrolling down to the bottom of your list of “Reasons to Always Carry a Knife.” This one goes on the list. After all, it was a military strategist who made this statement, and you never know when it’ll be TEOTWAWKI and you’ll need your survival knife. Most of all, you want to be a gentleman (or ladies, you want to be as prepared and gentle-lady-ish as possible--and of course that includes a knife).

Why Else Should You Carry a Knife

Why else should you carry a knife? After a brief traipse through the beloved world wide web, I’ve collected a list of 20 reasons your knife-loving peers find to carry a knife.X
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