Boker Plus Bushcraft Review

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Some might be wondering why we have a picture of a Woodlore knife on a page that says Boker. Well, that's because it's not a Woodlore knife. It actually IS a Boker knife that was designed to look like a Woodlore (at least that's what most of us think). In any case, this is the knife we're reviewing today, and I'm sure everyone's chomping at the bit (including me) to find out what exactly this little demon can do in the bush. But, like any responsible reviewer, specs first.

This full tang bushcraft knife is 8 5/8 inches long. The blade is 4 inches long and 3.75mm thick. The blade has a drop point style and is made of 440C stainless steel. The blade has a Scandi grind with a small secondary bevel.

The Boker Plus Bushcraft weighs 7.2 ounces (not too heavy) and has handles made of micarta. The sheath is made of black leather with a single loop for your belt and a lanyard hole at the bottom for a neck carry option.

The knife also comes with a ferro rod that is built into an aluminum tube. The tube has a compass located at one end. There's also a little hacksaw striker attached to the tube.


Looking at this knife, you can see that the fit and finish seem pretty solid. Some might be concerned that it was manufactured in China but a lot of other good brands do as well (Cold Steel, Gerber, etc.).

Anyway, for a bushcraft knife, it works really well. It’s not fantastic, and it’s not a knife that is fit for all kinds of outdoor use. But, for its price, it can handle a lot of abuse and still perform decently at various outdoor tasks like processing firewood, building shelters, making feather sticks, kitchen prep, etc.

The edge retention is great. It must be said though that the Scandi grind is not really a true Scandi grind. It’s more of an ax grind and may need some “modification.” Plus, 440C stainless steel is pretty tough so it can be a bit of a pain to sharpen. I’d really prefer carbon steel but for those who live in damp or wet environments, SS blades are preferable.

The handle looks great (as it should since it resembles a Woodlore). While some might prefer a bit more contour for better grip, it still feels good and solid in your hand. Besides, the profile of the handle is what makes this knife really fabulous, so why ask for something else?


The Boker Plus Bushcraft comes with a pretty standard leather sheath. Nothing really fancy. It looks like it’s made of quality leather so that’s a plus. Like I mentioned before, it has one loop for the belt and a hole at the bottom if you want to carry the knife around your neck.

The knife fits very snugly inside it, so you won’t have to worry about it falling out if you do choose to carry it upside down. Of course, everyone has a certain preference when it comes to sheaths. But, in terms of function, this one works pretty great.


The ferro rod is a pretty great addition. It throws sparks much like an LMF Firesteel. And the compass is decent, lightweight, and performs fairly accurately for a quick general orientation check. While some may not need this little “kit”, it’s a pretty handy bonus for a $50 knife.


While it’s definitely not the best bushcraft knife in the market, it certainly is one of the top ones within its price range. It looks really, really good, and it performs well in the bush. While the sheath isn’t fancy, it does the job. And the additional ferro rod plus compass aren’t anything to scoff at either. All in all, I’d consider it a great buy for a knife of this calibre.

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