Cold Steel Super Edge Knife Review

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Video by: cutlerylover

Knife on deck: Cold Steel Super Edge 42SS

The first thing you’ll notice when the video begins is that it looks like a giant is holding a survival knife. Relax and breath easy. What you’re looking at is the Cold Steel Super Edge 42SS. It’s 4 5/16 inches long and weighs .8oz without the sheath (under 2 oz. with the sheath). The blade is a beautifully serrated 2 inches of Cold Steel AUS8 steel.

This little devil was designed to be fairly incognito. If you look at the design of the Secure-Ex sheath and the Kray-Ex handle of the knife you can just let your imagination go wild with the number of places you could carry this. The most obvious ways to carry this knife is as a neck knife or as a boot knife, but the options are endless.

Some suggestions:

  • on the zipper of your hoody
  • on your purse (if you are a female or a purse carrying man)
  • on your backpack
  • on your fanny pack (you 80s-loving weirdo)
  • on your BOB
  • basically anything with a zipper or string or lace-up option

The Cold Steel Super Edge 42SS is:

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • and very, very sharp

Overall a great performing knife.

More Specifically

So what specifically did cutlerylover have to say about it. First, he really likes to use it as his boot knife. He laces it through the front of his boot or sneaker so that it rests on the tongue of the shoe. In fact, he says that no-one has ever noticed it there unless he’s pointed it out.

As a boot knife, it’s great. As a neck knife, the Cold Steel Super Edge leaves something to be desired mostly because of the handle. Why?

  1. The handle is made of Kray-Ex and is very grippy. Offhand, this seems like a great feature, and it is, unless you’re wearing the Cold Steel Super Edge as a neck knife. The grippiness makes up for the small size of the handle for a confident hold, but that grippiness does not do well with neck skin, chest hair, or t-shirts. The handle seems to do a twisty love dance with anything that it touches.

  2. Second complaint about the handle is that the guard makes the knife a bit bulky for a neck knife. The sheath has to bulge out in order to fit the full guard of the Super Edge, which makes it a little too bulgy for the ideal neck knife.

For a neck knife, cutlerylover prefers either the Brous Blades Silent Soldier or the CRKT Spew.

Cold Steel Super Edge Serrations

The blade of the Super Edge is serrated, alternating a scallop edge with micro-serrations. While a fully-scalloped serrated edge might be preferred, the micro-serrations of the Cold Steel Super Edge are about as good as they come. Often, micro-serrated knife-edges fail because the serrations are too deep. This results in the knife to catching while you cut through things. Deep serrations are also difficult to keep sharp enough to function well for very long. The Super Edge’s micro-serrations are fairly shallow which allows them to stay sharper for longer and helps them not to catch as often on whatever you’re cutting.

Cutlerylover says that in his opinion, the knife, under constant use, would last for 5-6 months before needing to be resharpened. At this point, he throws his away. We all know that it can be challenging for anyone to sharpen serrations, let alone return the serrations to a factory edge.If you don’t feel like tackling the project of re-sharpening a serrated knife, we recommend turning the serrated Super Edge into a straight-edge!

Why we like the Cold Steel Super Edge:

It’s a great, inexpensive, incognito, always-carry-with-you knife. Laced to your shoe or bag or shirt as a regular accessory, you’ll always have a knife with you even if you end up in an unintentional survival situation.

View the Cold Steel Super Edge on Amazon!

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