Top 8 uses for a survival knife

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You’ve probably seen Bear Grylls win the battle between Man vs. Wild with nothing but a survival knife and his wits. This tool should be something you never leave home without – at least not when you're heading out to the woods. And that's truly great advice since you never know when you might find yourself getting lost or in an accident far away from civilization. But for those of us who are new to wilderness survival skills, our knowledge of the numerous ways to use a knife to survive in the wild is probably a bit limited. Aside from the skills that may seem obvious (cutting and chopping), what are the uses of a survival knife?

A Few Uses of a Survival Knife:

  • Hunting: Survival knives are one of the essential tools for hunters. Such a knife can be used to spear prey (by lashing it onto the end of a long rod) or set up a trap. A survival knife can also be used to skin the dead animal or gutting a fish you caught.

  • Digging: Even without a shovel in your pack, you can dig yourself a fire pit or some edible grub found underground (i.e. Tubers and insects) if you happen to have a good survival knife in your hands. You can also use it to dig yourself a makeshift toilet since there probably aren't any in your vicinity.

  • Tool-making: While the knife itself is a tool, you can also use it to make more specialized tools. You can fashion yourself a spear for hunting or a bow drill to start a fire.

  • First aid: Most people would think that a knife would be the cause of applying first aid rather than a tool to apply it. In the wilderness, however, one can use a survival knife to help cut or create bandages, take out splinters, and drain blisters.

  • Hammer: It's safe to say that most people who go wandering in the woods would not have both a hammer and a knife on them. Of the two, you're obviously better off with the knife. This is because you can use it just like a hammer via its pommel (the butt end of a knife). For example, you can use it to crack some nuts or stake down your tent/makeshift shelter.

  • Cutting/Chopping Wood: Whether or not you're lost in the woods, you'll need a campfire if you're planning to stay the night. A lot of survival knives are tough enough to chop through logs of a moderate size. You may also cut, whittle, or chop wood in order to build yourself a raft or some sort of shelter.

  • Clearing a Path:  Should you be unfortunate enough to be stuck in a jungle with loads of plants in your path, you can use your survival knife much like a machete to cut your way through. After all, you're better off seeing where you're going.

  • Signal SOS: A survival knife can be used to carve out an SOS in the snow or on the ground. You can also use the reflective surface of the knife and the blazing sun to signal your distress.

There is no doubt that a survival knife can help save your life if you find yourself in trouble while in the great outdoors. You will find that there are a great deal more uses for it aside from what was mentioned above. But you'll also want to ensure that the knife is not going to cause you to get in trouble. So always remember these 3 things: stay mentally sharp when using your knife, always keep it on you, and take good care of it.

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