Alternative Carry: Creative Carry Options You Might Not Know

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When it comes to carrying your knife, you’re not going to find yourself with a shortage of options. I’m sure you’ve seen those movies where someone is going through a security check or being put into jail and they’re told to get rid of everything. Next thing you know, they’re pulling knives and guns out of everywhere--shoes, belts, ties, gloves, pant pockets--the list goes on.

Of course, there are the more standard options for creative knife carry--like the ones that allow you to carry your knife around your neck or tied to your backpack, or there are the customized sheaths that allow you to carry your knife around your torso. Today though, we’re going to leave those more popular options alone in the dusty closet of familiarity and opt for some more exciting carry options that are most likely unfamiliar to you. These carry options are quite innovative (to say the least) and just might develop within you a delightful spirit of paranoia towards the people you interact with on a daily basis.

4 Innovative Knife Carry Options:

Around your neck (paracord or ball chain)

Neck knives are slowly becoming more popular every day. Usually, these types of knives are lightweight with a blade that’s no longer than 3 inches. The sheath is attached to a paracord or ball chain that allows you to simply slip it on or off your neck. Now, just like any other knife carry option, there are pros and cons to wearing your knife around your neck. 

For example, do you really think it’s wise to carry an extremely sharp object around your neck (hello jugular vein!) and right over your heart and lungs? On the other hand, neck carry does provide a fantastic way to conceal your knife while you’re out in public.

If you’re thinking of carrying your knife around your neck, be sure to weigh the advantages with the disadvantages before you spend your money. While it certainly is an innovative way to carry a knife, it doesn’t mean that it’s an option that suits you.

Clipped/attached to your bra

Now this option is definitely limited to the ladies (unless you men enjoy the thought of wearing a man bra--not even gonna go there). Just like neck carry, this particular option allows a woman to arm herself in public without people knowing, and while the risk is the same (carrying a lethal weapon right on top of an extremely vulnerable area of your body), in certain ways, this is better than a neck sheath. Why? Because, unlike neck sheaths, this ensures that the knife doesn’t move around while you move, even when you’re running. Having it stay in the same position will also ensure that no one will be aware of your concealed weapon even when you lean forward.

Attached to you like an ID

There’s no question that your knife would have to be very small in order to fit into a badge sheath. A badge sheath you ask? Just like what the name implies, the sheath is very much like a badge--you know, those fancy ID badges that nurses and doctors and teachers wear--except this particular badge is a sheath for your knife, your really small knife. Actually, badge sheaths are usually already paired with a knife so you most likely can’t use any little knife that you have for this type of sheath. The great thing about carrying your knife around this way, though, is that you can easily carry the knife with you wherever you go and whip it out of its sheath in 1.5 seconds flat.

Clipped to your shorts or pants (without a belt)

Belt sheaths are very popular and it’s easy to see why – quick deployment without much fuss. But what if you didn’t have a belt to attach your sheath to? Should you start carrying your knife in your pocket? What if you have too much stuff in your pocket? You’d definitely have a hard time drawing your knife out when you need it, if that’s the case.

Urgent situations don’t pause in the space-time continuum and wait for you to empty out your pockets to find your knife so that you can fix whatever situation needs fixing. Fortunately, you have alternative carry options if your belt is unavailable. The first is carrying your knife attached to a belt loop in your pants or shorts. The second is to clip it to the strong side pocket of your pants. This way, you don’t waste time searching your pockets for your knife while still ensuring that it’s concealed. In addition, it can be quickly drawn and deployed should the need arise.

Of course, these aren’t the only innovative ways you can carry a knife. Some companies have come up with unique ways to conceal a knife such as inside a fake credit card, a pen, and even a lipstick. It has to be said, though, that these knives aren’t really outdoor or wilderness material; they’re more of a self-defense tool in an urban setting. Do YOU know of any other alternative carry options for knives? Be sure to let us know!

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