Cold Steel Knives: Ready When Disaster Strikes

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No one knows when disaster will strike. And no one wants to be caught unprepared. Now is certainly the best time for everyone to start thinking about what to do if you're ever caught in the aftermath of a natural disaster. And the most important tool that can help you get through any survival situation is a survival knife. Now, there are quite a lot of knives for sale and, if you're the average Joe or Jane, you might be a bit confused as to what a bushcraft knife is or what it means to have a drop point blade. Fortunately, when it comes to survival, there's only one brand that you need to consider - Cold Steel knives.

Cold Steel Survival Knives Present All of the Best Features of a Survival Knife

A Seriously Tough Knife

Cold Steel knives have a reputation for being razor sharp, versatile, and made from high quality steel - features that would raise the odds of you getting out alive from whatever God-awful situation you've found yourself in. Made from top quality steel, these knives are incredibly tough and can withstand loads of abuse. Cold Steel's battle-ready knives such as the Leatherneck series are constructed from thick stainless steel while the bushcraft knives such as the Bushman series are made of SK-5 high carbon steel.

A Deadly Sharp Knife

Aside from being extremely durable, Cold Steel knives are very sharp and hold their edge for a long time. You can slice, cut, slash, hack, and chop almost anything quite easily. Their excellent edge holding capability ensures that you will rarely find yourself with a dull knife as you try to rescue yourself from the situation you are currently in.

A Versatile Knife

Versatility is also a feature that Cold Steel survival knives are well-known for. These knives are specifically designed to easily perform various tasks in the wild - from simply skinning game and creating small snares to batoning and hacking your way back to civilization. And their knives aren’t the only thing that’s versatile.

Something for Everyone

Cold Steel has a large variety of knives that ensure every kind of customer can find the one that's just perfect for him and her. They offer knives that have varying shapes and sizes - from little ones that can slip easily into your pocket to big badass Rambo knives that are downright scary. Fixed blades, folding knives, tanto blades, clip point ones, and drop point blades - you name it, they have it. The best part is that Cold Steel knives have varying price ranges so you can be sure that you'll find one that fits your budget just right. Whichever Cold Steel knife you do end up choosing, there’s no question that it will be razor sharp, extremely tough, and amazingly versatile – everything an all-around survival knife should be.


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