The Prudent Person

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Here it is in the Bible, a verse admonishing us to prepare. The prudent person here “foresees the danger and takes precautions.” So first he takes the time to look around at his own situation and to analyze the state of the world and people around him, then he starts preparing.

In the world of knives, this means learning how to use your tool, yes, a tool. A survival knife is more than something to slice away at a hunk of meat that you bought from your grocery store (that’s what we have kitchen knives for)! A survival knife cuts and batons and hammers and chops. It slices and dices and stabs. It’s a multipurpose tool expertly crafted out of solid steel ready and waiting to show you how much potential it has.

And while you may be tempted to get the most badass knife only to keep it on your dresser to admire, that mean piece of metal is begging you to use it, to let it become a natural part of your body.

Let your survival knife be your door into the world of preparedness. Let it show you your potential as a trapper, skinner, wood-cutter, and all around survival expert.

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