Fallkniven Wilderness Knife

Fallkniven Wilderness Knife A2L

About This Knife


  • Convex edge that performs well for both slicing and striking
  • High carbon stainless steel (VG10) core surrounded by tough 420J2 steel for extreme durability

If you find yourself far away from civilization, having reliable equipment in hand is necessary. It's vital that your tools or equipment work no matter what is thrown your way. That is what Model A2 (the Wilderness knife) is all about. This knife is extremely tough, able to withstand incredible strain so you can be assured that it will never fail you.

The Wilderness knife features a newly developed laminated stainless steel, an edge that is made of our well-known VG10 steel, and sides that are made of tough 420J2 steel. This choice of materials ensures that the knife holds its edge incredibly well and makes it exceptionally tough. The knife's convex edge allows you to use the knife for both slicing and striking. The Model A2 comes with a well-crafted leather sheath.

If you're all about enjoying the outdoor life, you definitely won't go wrong with the Model A2 as your life-long companion.


Overall Length: 325 mm
Blade Length: 202 mm
Blade Style: Drop Point Blade
Blade Material: Laminate VG10 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness 6 mm
Sheath: Leather
Weight (knife only) 370 g
Handle Kraton®