Cold Steel Laredo Bowie SK-5 Leather Sheath Survival Knife 39LLBT

Cold Steel Laredo Bowie SK-5

About This Knife


  • Rich, wooden handle with ergonomic design
  • Razor sharp blade made of SK-5 High Carbon steel
  • Sharpened clip point for enhanced versatility and efficiency

Mere words cannot describe how amazing the Laredo Bowie is. The blade is heavy and long, constructed from SK-5 High Carbon steel. The Laredo Bowie is a highly versatile and efficient weapon; it features a sharpened clip point that is four and a half inches in length, enabling it to easily perform a wide range of cuts and stabbing attacks including the deadly back cut.

The Laredo Bowie also features a rich, wooden handle that is equally tough and aesthetically pleasing. Its shape was specifically crafted to perfectly fit one's hand while still providing a solid and secure grip even when performing demanding tasks such as chopping, cutting, or stabbing.

The knife also features a one-of-a-kind guard and integral bolster made from one solid piece of brass - a perfect complement to the knife's razor sharp blade and superior handle. The bolster and the guard have exquisite detail and a mirror-polished finish.

An old-style designed leather scabbard completes the package.


Overall Length: 15 11/16 in.
Blade Length:  10.5 in.
Blade Style: Bowie
Blade Material: SK-5 High Carbon
Blade Thickness 5/16 in.
Sheath: Leather
Weight (knife only) 16.3 oz
Grip Faux Cocobolo Grip